Route Awkening (Season 4)
Route Awakening (Season 3)
Route Awakening (Season 2)
Route Awakening
Kungfu Motion
Inside: Fish Wars
Secrets of the Tang Treasure Ship
Strictly Asian Ballroom
Anatomy Of A Recovery- Tsunami
Guge: Lost Kingdom Of Tibet
Emperor Of The Seas: The Voyages Of Zheng He
Chinese Whispers: Chinese Cinderella
Chinese Whispers: Ancient Chinese Soccer
Culinary China: The Heavenly Foods
Culinary China: Food For Thought
A Chinese Feast
Kylie Kwong : My China
Undercover Asia (Season 3)
Daughters of Singapore
Undercover Asia
Treasure Hunt
Primetime Asia
Unbroken Faith
Artisan Reboot
Kung Fu Kitchen (Series)

Great Family Cook-Off
Dollars and Sense (Series)
Food Glorious Food (Seasons 1,2 & 3)
Common Arts
Streets (Series)
Roots of our Origin
Behind the Words
Nova: Black Hole Apocalypse
Nova: Treasures of the Earth - Gems
Nova: Treasures of the Earth - Metals
Nova: Treasures of the Earth - Power
Nova: Life's Rocky Start
Nova: Power Surge
Nova: The Last Extinction
Rudy Maxa's World: Thailand (Series)
Nova: Ocean Animal Emergency
Nova: Secrets of the Samurai Sword
Nova: The First Flower
Mekong: Soul of A River (Series)
Kingdom Of The Elephants
K Pop Star Hunt - Season 3
Sun Tsu War On Business (Series)
My Mother's Story
The Hush
Zero Calling Season 2
Throwback: Balik Kampung
News 5
Zero Calling
Rules of Tham
The Pupil (Theme)

Origami Samurai
History from the Hills
The Rainbow Bus
Club M.A.G.I.C (Season 2)
Club M.A.G.i.C (Season 1)
Generation Next
Mission Possible
Chee Wei Tay